Company Name TOWA Hospitality Co., Ltd.
Establishment May 13th 2019
Representative President Haruyoshi Yamada
Capital 50 million yen
Hotel management and operation.
Management of membership facilities.
Real estate management and rental.
Management of commercial facilities and restaurants.
Management for sports, amusement, and cultural facilities
Management and operation of public spa.
Location Head office 4-7-1 Meieki Nakamura-ku Nagoya Aichi-pref (in Towa Real Estate Co., Ltd) 
Fuji Regional Office 2nd Floor Oiwa Building, 645-1 Hagiwara Gotenba Shizuoka-pref 
Share holder Towa REAL ESTATE CO., LTD. (100%)
Executives President  Haruyoshi Yamada
Director    Akio Majima
Director    Yutaka Tsukahara
Auditor   Keiichi Okuda

Origin of company name and logo

Our company name is based on the desire to take each customer’s request seriously and thoroughly provide high quality products and services to become a favorite facility for customers.
The logo is designed with a motif of people and rich nature.
(T=Human, O=Sun, W=Ocean, A=Mountain)