Personal Information Protection Policy for guests

We are actively using a variety of personal information, including privacy of our guests, in order to satisfy request of our guests, provide comfortableness, high-quality living spaces, and services. It is one of the most important duties for a company to protect personal information from the risks of leakage, loss, alteration, etc. We have established the “Personal Information Protection Policy”, and set rules and regulations regarding the handling of necessary and appropriate personal information.
All employees, including officers, temporary also part-time employees of our company, always comply with this policy when handling and managing personal information. In addition, we also ask our sub-conductors who deposit personal information to ensure that this policy is thoroughly followed and supervise appropriately.
In addition to establish an organization that promotes the protection of personal information, we appoint a person who is responsible for personal information management and strive to manage personal information appropriately.
We have established rules and regulations for the proper handling of personal information such as acquisition, use and provision, and ensure that all employees comply. When we outsource the handling of personal information to the outside, we narrow down the personal information to be consigned to the minimum necessary, select a contractor that is recognized as handling personal information appropriately, and the personal information also at the contractor.
We will implement appropriate management such as safety management and confidentiality.
We will implement appropriate and reasonable safety management measures for personal information held or entrusted, and strive to prevent leakage, loss and tampering.
We will comply with domestic laws and regulations regarding personal information protection and other standards.
Our company will conduct leadership training by superiors and education for all employees to ensure that this policy is fully understood and that personal information protection awareness is improved.
We will periodically and continuously evaluate and review the personal information protection system, including this policy and related rules, and strive to improve it.

Matters concerning the handling of personal information held by our company.
Personal information held by our company.

We are holding personal information such as transaction with us, offering to us, private info. of guests (name, company name, position, tel number, address, gender, email address, birth date, personal information and images on application forms and prescribed stock documents). Transaction data, service and maintenance info.
Also it is include info. on employees and their families.

How we use personal information.

We may use and disclose potions of guest's personal information in order to:
Implementation of transaction details and offers with customer. Contract and post-contract management, after service, safety management.
Various personal related procedures for employees and their families.
We will strictly not use the personal information provided without above situation.

Protection and management of personal information.

We will comply with the act on the Protection of Personal Information as well as Japanese laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information.
Also, we strive to educate and enlighten employees and raise their awareness of personal information protection.
For guest's personal information, we are setting personal information manager, and each department where handles personal information assigned responsible person under the manager, they strive to maximum care to prevent outside leakage.
For dangers such as loss, destruction, tampering, unauthorized access from outside, we implement appropriate and reasonable level of safety measures.
We continuously review the measure of above personal information protection system and strive to improve them.

Outsourcing of personal information.

In order to provide better services, we might outsource the handling of personal information.
We select a contractor who is deemed to handle personal information appropriately, and implements appropriate management so that the personal information is not leaked, such as management of personal information and confidentiality.

Provision of personal information to third party.

We will not disclose or provide the personal information of our guests to third parties without your consent. However, in the following cases, personal information may be disclosed and provided without your consent. When required by law. When it is necessary for the protection of human life, body or property and it is difficult to obtain your consent.
When it is particularly necessary to improve public health or promote the sound upbringing of children even when it is difficult to obtain your consent.
In cases where it is necessary to cooperate with the execution of the affairs stipulated by laws and regulations, commissioned by a national institution or local public entity, obtaining the consent of the guests may interfere with the execution of the affairs one day.

Disclosure of personal information

You can ask us to disclose your personal information that we hold to you at any time.
We will respond without delay, if guests ask for disclosure of personal information about themselves. Please contact the following inquiry center.

Correction or deletion of personal information.

You can request us to correct or delete the personal information, if there is an error in the personal information provided to us.
We will correct or delete it without delay when a customer requests correction or deletion of personal information, we will investigate it without delay, and if there is a reason for correction or deletion. Please contact the following inquiry center.

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